Nick Halling

Nick Halling is a professional toastmaster and a member of Mike Judd Associates, a company which offers an unrivaled service for any kind event or function in the United Kingdom.

Nick is based in Hertfordshire, which not only provides him with easy access to all of the Northern Counties, but also allows him to travel into Berkshire, Surrey and North Hampshire as well as Greater London.

For the past 30 years, he has been a well known face and voice in the field of sports broadcasting, and his extensive career has seen him serve a number of domestic, as well as international broadcasters across four continents.

Nick's highlights include presenting and commentating at 18 Super Bowls whilst covering American football on Sky Sports; 13 Wimbledon tennis championships for Star Sports in Singapore; and countless world championship boxing matches as Sky's leading commentator. He has even been to the World's Strongest Man ( but only carrying a microphone)

Formerly a magazine and newspaper journalist, he has been a sportscaster for ITV regional television and has also written and produced a range of documentaries.

Being able to speak in public and to think on his feet in complex, high - pressure live broadcast situations, Nick has now transferred his experience to the world of formal functions, notably weddings.

As a professional toastmaster, Nick understands his role as being a presence in the background, quietly but efficiently ensuring the smooth and harmonious running of your special day. Attention to detail is paramount: identifying and solving possible problems before they occur.

Contact details

Mob: 07836 729412

Nick Halling Toastmaster